IXUS is a proven and complete solution that helps network operators and compliance assessment companies to establish and maintain RF Safety Compliance.

IXUS used on a laptop

Now combine your 4G and 5G simulations

The IXUS team has played a fundamental role in the early stages of development of 5G regulations over the past few years. We have been working closely with industry, government bodies, associations and academia to ensure we are ready for the challenges to come.

In IXUS you can seamlessly integrate your 5G technology in the current 4G simulation environment.

ixus manager
IXUS Manager

Web based manager

Manage site details, upload documents and antenna data on the IXUS Manager. Based on the most advanced technical platforms - ASP.NET and MS SQL Server.

Antenna Portal

Antenna database

Antennas are added to the extensive antenna database on a daily basis. Our antenna engineers always try to keep up with the latest technology.

IXUS Modeller

Solid 3D modelling

The IXUS Modeller is an intuitive 3D modeller running on the same graphics engine as Autodesk, GrabCAD and Solidworks.

EMF Simulation

Accurate EM Simulation

IXUS calculations are of the highest standard possible. The system was designed and built by the same team that contributed towards FEKO and Antenna Magus.

ixus manager IXUS Manager

  • Store base station details, models and plans for your entire network.

  • Generate customisable compliance reports and certificates automatically.

  • Store and manage RF Measurements.

  • Manage and monitor base station compliance status.

ixus modeller IXUS Modeller

  • Import blueprints or aerial pictures.

  • Build 3D site models easily.

  • Select from a library of IXUS antennas.

  • Calculate and display EMF non-compliance zones.

  • Create pictures and 3D PDF documents.

Simulate the antenna exclusion zones (or plumes) in 3D

All antennas on the site can be simulated together to show the plumes in 3D.

ixus manager
ixus manager

Indicate areas of interest with environmental slices

Create any shape to calculate the percentage of the chosen standard in an area.

Maximum values can be indicated in percentage or V/m.

Generate lobe imprints to easily show the problematic areas

Our lobe imprint function makes it easy to see where accessible zones are.

Choose a desired height, for example 2.0m, and let the software show you exactly where accessible areas are above the reference levels.

ixus manager
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