The IXUS Manager is a web application (website) that serves as a management interface on an SQL database.

Comprehensive database of compliance information

The IXUS Manager web application stores all the information you need for carrying out EMF compliance assessments. The information is held in a secure central database and can be shared across your whole compliance team.

IXUS Manager stores

  • Core information, such as site name, location and status:
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  • Details of the operators on site:
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  • Fill in report comments or select from pre-defined comment options:
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  • Details of the antennas on site:
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  • 3D models made with the IXUS Modeller, site documents and photos.
  • All the information required to generate base station reports.

Search and filter

  • Easily search for sites or filter by Country/Region, Installation type, Compliance status or Operational status.
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    Access from anywhere

  • Depending on how you have your server set up, you can access your IXUS Manager instance from anywhere you want. Options are available for setting up instances in the cloud or on your local server.
  • User admin

  • Multiple user roles and access rules are available.
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    Seamless integration between modules

  • The IXUS Modeller and IXUS Measurement Module is connected to the IXUS Manager.
  • A locking system ensures data is never lost.
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    Generate professional looking reports

  • An easy drag and drop interface lets you generate your reports in no time.
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  • Manage, edit and implement any amount of report templates. These templates are created using Microsoft Word.
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