EM Simulation

The IXUS Modeller includes a fast and reliable calculation engine for EMF exposure assessments.


The algorithms implemented and used in IXUS are an implementation of the ray tracing synthetic model as detailed in ITU-T K.61, CENELEC 50383, and IEC62232.

Numerical modelling assessments in IXUS Modeller include the combined exposure from multi-band and multi-operator transmissions as specified in the EU directive. IXUS Modeller calculates the occupational and public exclusion zones established by ICNIRP. However, IXUS can also be customised to use any international compliance standard.

What is the purpose of the IXUS Calculator?

  • Fast calculation of EM fields using simple antenna models.
  • Combining EM fields from different antennas.
  • Calculate exclusion zones where reference levels (such as ICNIRP, ARPANSA, FCC OET65, BGV B11, Safety Code 6) are exceeded

Antenna models and verification

Process of creation of antenna models

  • Create an antenna model using datasheets and patterns
  • Verify model
  • Review model using a formal, traceable process
  • Panel and omni-directional antennas

  • Calculate sum of complex E-fields per antenna element
  • Simulated using linear arrays of point sources
  • Sum RMS contributions per antenna as fractions of the selected standard reference levels
  • Other antennas

  • Yagi-Uda, folded dipole and other antenna models are pre-calculated using FEKO
  • The IXUS model contains the pre-calculated near-fields and far-fields and is scaled depending on the input power.
  • Fast tri-linear interpolation is used inside a pre-calculated near-field block.
  • Far-field pattern is used outside the block.
  • This insures a fast calculation time: (5 seconds for single Yagi)
  • Verifying antenna models

  • Verification documents are generated for each antenna model.