Competitive Features

The main advantages of IXUS over competing products.


  • Full integration with base station and compliance information database accessible from anywhere.
  • Fully integrated Standalone product – not built on Visio or consisting of separate optional modules.
  • RFNSA user? - Import antenna data directly from the RFNSA into IXUS.

Built by experienced staff

  • Alphawave has extensive experience in computational electromagnetics and RF base station compliance.
  • IXUS is being used internally by 40+ employees on more than 30 000 base stations throughout Southern Africa and externally by customers globally which means we are actively developing and constantly improving IXUS.
  • IXUS is maintained by a dedicated software team of EM engineers and testers alongside experienced software developers.
  • The IXUS team is known for excellent customer support and short response times.

Based on internationally accepted standards

  • Based on IEC recommended computational technique as in agreement IEC 62232 by IEC committee TC- 106 recommendations.

Independently Validated

  • Independently Validated and Accredited by ACRBR (Australian Centre for Radiofrequency Bioeffects Research)
  • Accepted for use by various industry groups

  • MCF - Mobile Carriers Forum
  • IC - Industry Canada
  • Easy to learn

  • IXUS has a user friendly design and interface developed through a user centered design process.
  • 3D PDF

  • Export 3D PDF files that anyone with a PDF reader can open.