Antenna Database

An ever-growing list of antennas are available for our customers.

Antenna Portal

The IXUS antenna database can be accessed via the Antenna Portal. The database comprises of thousands of antenna models and is updated daily with the latest technology.

IXUS Antenna Portal

How are antenna models used in IXUS?

1. Antenna model is created

Our antenna engineers use datasheets and pattern files to model the antenna.

Once the model passed all our quality checks, an IXUS .ixa file as well as a model verification document is created and made available on the Antenna portal.

2. Download the model to your local antenna database

Download the new antenna model and import it to your local antenna database.

This will make the model available on both your IXUS Manager and IXUS Modeller.

3. Use the model in your calculations

Select the model in the IXUS Modeller, adjust the required parameters and calculate your exclusion zones.