IXUS Update 3.6 (17) available

As the end of the year approaches, we are proud to release another update to IXUS Compliance Management software – version 3.6 (17). This minor release contains a number of stability improvements and bug fixes as well as some updates to third party libraries.

We’ve added the AS2772.2 option to the IXUS uncertainty model, which allows our clients to specify their own expanded uncertainty allowance. If the user specified value exceeds the maximum value from Table 6.1 of the AS2772.2:2011 standard, the resulting expanded uncertainty is capped at the maximum value, and the simulated fields in IXUS are increased by the amount with which the user specified value exceeded the maximum value. This allows our Australian clients to comply with the AS2772.2 requirements. Along with the uncertainty model changes, we have added report content controls for the uncertainty model and values used, so that it can be added to reports for reference purposes.

We are also very happy to report that we have once again added support for generation of 3D PDF documents in the IXUS Modeller. We managed to find suitable replacement libraries for a number of outdated ones used before, making IXUS more stable and robust.

For more information or for access to the latest installer of the IXUS Manager  please contact support@emssixus.com.