IXUS 3.6 released!

This year has been full of changes in the EMF compliance environment in terms of standards and requirements. Amongst others, the revised Canadian Safety Code 6, 2015 standard was released which required some updates from our side. This combined with a number of customer visits and feedback sessions gave us some new insights on regulatory requirements, how the software is used, as well as problems experienced. It has guided our development and helped us focus on what is important. Here are a few of the notable changes and new features.

IXUS Modeller 3.6

  • Disable/Enable antenna(s) or antenna groups by operator
  • “Alt” key snaps to mouse pointer rather than 10cm grid
  • Improvements in antenna placement
  • Signage and annotations duplicate and move and rotates like objects
  • Updates to blueprint libraries and support for PDF transparency
  • Antenna azimuth uses mouse input to set angle in the 3D view

IXUS Manager 3.6

  • New “Structure Height” text field and content control for reports
  • Antenna enable/disable on the antenna tab and on reports
  • Content controls for “Highest antenna”, “Lowest antenna”, “Number of antennas” as well as “Antenna model version number”.

Unfortunately with the replacement of the PDF libraries we’ve had to remove the 3D PDF export functionality. This was a difficult decision but from customer feedback we established that 3D PDF is a secondary requirement and the costs of the libraries and maintenance thereof are not justified. We have also learned a lot in the development of the all new IXUS Antenna Portal and the plan is now to implement the modern libraries and frameworks used on the portal in IXUS Manager.

Access IXUS Solo Modeller 3.6 on our Downloads page or contact support@emssixus.com for the IXUS Manager server installer.