IXUS 3.5 available now with many new features and improvements

We have just released IXUS Version 3.5.

Meet Jeff. He is a contractor that repairs air conditioners, waterproofing, elevators and other equipment on building roofs. He is also a rigger and able to climb towers to install and maintain antennas. Jeff is one of the new features in IXUS 3.5. He is a person annotation and he was added in IXUS to give users a better understanding of the scale of their installations. The purpose of compliance simulations is to establish whether there is an accessible exclusion zone and Jeff is the perfect annotation to demonstrate this right there in the 3D view. If Jeff is able to access an exclusion zone, there is a good chance that access to that area needs to be controlled and signs need to be put up on the access route to warn Jeff that the RF levels might exceed the standards.

Jeff the human annotation
Jeff – Annotation

Jeff also requires compliance documentation on site and a good idea is to provide Jeff with a copy of the compliance assessment document. IXUS Manager quickly generates these documents in a few clicks through the report wizard. We have made a number of improvements in version 3.5 in the report wizard including a step to add photos that were uploaded in the IXUS Manager. We have also added a few more content controls to make more information from the database available to be used in reports.

For the change log please expand the post below.

IXUS Modeller 3.5

  • Person annotation
  • Improvements in rendering of labels and environmental slices
  • Smoother transitions and movements when complex objects are visible
  • Guidelines improved on multipoint objects
  • Changes to multi-select and deselect in the geometry tree
  • Geometry and antennas can now be shown/hidden per picture
  • Changes to snapping on antenna workplane
  • Improved label/annotation rendering
  • Enter completes a tape measure measurement
  • Update of third party 3D libraries – (support for more graphics cards)

IXUS Manager 3.5

  • Now compatible with latest MS SQL Server 2012 and IIS8
  • Photos can be used in reports
  • Distinguish between site owners/antenna owners and site managers
  • Added a default antenna owner in configuration settings
  • Multiple new content controls (List available here)
  • Support for more frequency bands (i.e. GSM850, LTE900, PCS1900, WCDMA1900, GSM1900,LTE2100)
  • Download link for uploaded report templates

IXUS Calculator Version 13

  • Major speed improvements in Environmental slice calculation
  • Reduced complexity of models for faster rendering