We are proud to announce IXUS version 3.4

We have been very busy in keeping up with advances in antenna designs and EMF compliance techniques and are very proud to announce the release of IXUS 3.4.  Proper support for various antenna types, full 3D rendering of compliance zones and one click document generation makes IXUS the most advanced EMF compliance tool available. Here are a few of the things you will notice in this release.

We reworked our internal representation of antenna models to support multi-port antennas as well as multi frequency band configurations on our custom antennas models.  IXUS 3.4 also supports much higher power levels on antennas, accommodating levels typically used for radio and television broadcasting.  These changes led to the optimisation and refinement of the IXUS calculator, now updated to Version 12.2.

IXUS EMF Complaince 3.4We’ve added a point to point method to create environmental slices, similar to the way the polygon and building shapes are created. This makes adding an environmental slice on oddly shaped objects and roofs much easier.  We have also made big improvements to the interaction speed of the IXUS Modeller with regards to rendering of environmental slices. The detail levels are adjusted dynamically which makes it possible to add multiple environmental slices without slowing the application down.

We’ve extracted the safety standards into an isolated level. This allows users to update or add new safety standards without having to update the IXUS Modeller software.  Users can perform calculations at the proposed (in some cases more conservative) levels even before they are published, future proofing simulations and reducing the number of re-assessments required.

Supported standards still include the ICNIRP limits endorsed by the World Health Organisation, ‘FCC (OET65)’ standards used in the USA, ‘BRV B11’ used in Germany, and the Industry Canada (IC) ‘Safety code 6’ standards. This update allows us to be much more flexible in the build-up and roll out of proposed changes.

Have a look below at the change log and keep an eye out for the update.

IXUS Manager 3.4 changes

  • Added Environmental slice references along with maximum values per slice for use in IXUS Reports
  • Added field value point references with values for use in IXUS Reports
  • Added antenna mechanical tilt in the mouse-over popup
  • Added MS Word content controls for field point values and Environmental slices maximum values
  • Added support in the antenna interface for multiple power ports
  • Added functionality to import new compliance safety standards or proposed adjustments in safety standards
  • Added basic functionality to import Base station details in bulk
  • Various improvements and fixes in IXUS Measurement Tool
  • Detect compatible browsers at login screen and prompt updates
  • Added support and backwards compatibility for archived antennas

IXUS Modeller 3.4 changes

  • Added functionality to export list of pictures from the connected version of the Modeller
  • Improved the calculation speed, rendering speed and quality of environmental slices
  • Added dynamic detail level for Environmental slices to render a high level of detail in high transition areas and lower detail levels for low transition areas removing the need for the detail level adjustment slider and speeding up the
  • Added an adjustable maximum point annotation for Environmental slices
  • Removed blueprint scale limit
  • Restructured Antenna Type DB tables
  • Upgrade crash reporting system to latest version
  • Added support for multiple power ports – Antennas will have the number of ports available that are available in real life. (Please note that new versions of antennas will be made available on the new antenna portal. These have to be updated before the ports will become available)
  • Added support for very high levels of power typically used for television and radio broadcasting and reworked and optimised the calculator to handle these scenarios
  • Simplified the mesh structures in exclusion zone imprints improving the rendering and speed
  • Added missing LTE bands in Solo Modeller
  • Extracted compliance safety standards into isolated level for easier adjustments
  • Added support for multiple frequency bands in Custom antennas
  • Added frequency range support for Custom antenna frequency bands

User specific changes

  • Made Australian national site archive web service URL configurable
  • Removed flickering of Australian national site archive login dialog when clicking Login or Cancel
  • Updated Australian national site archive import
  • Remember Australian national site archive credentials per user