IXUS Manager 3.7 (2) and Modeller 3.6 (9) Updates Available

We have released a new version of both the IXUS Manager 3.7.2 and the IXUS Modeller 3.6.9.


  • Bug fixes and small improvements.
  • A new setting was added to IXUS Modeller (Preferences -> Rendering options). This sliding control allows you to adjust the final font size of labels containing text on exported pictures.

Service desk:

  • We are replacing our bug and issue tracker with a Support Portal that includes a Knowledge Base.
  • IXUS online support now consists of the following three elements:
IXUS Knowledge Base IXUS Antenna portal IXUS Support Portal
The knowledge base has a variety of useful documents, articles and how-to instruction manuals to accommodate the IXUS Software suite. The antenna portal is a database of all the antenna models available to be used in IXUS. The support portal can be used to make requests directed to the IXUS Support team.