A better way to find antennas, even without model numbers!

We have added a number of new search options on the IXUS Antenna Portal. Users can now filter on antenna height, gain, vertical and horizontal beam-width and approximate frequency in easy to use dropdown menus. This makes it possible to filter the antennas down to show a much shorter list when the actual antenna model number is not available.

The problem with many antenna installations is that it is often not well documented. Compliance assessors and operators have to do a lot of research and guessing when it comes to unmarked and unidentified antennas. We are hoping that these new features would make it easier to find an antenna that resembles and operates in the parameters without having to find the antenna manufacturer and model numbers. It would also enable users to find a suitable substitute antenna should the required antenna not be available.

The changes will be available on the antenna portal later today.