IXUS Update 3.5 (42) available

IXUS update 3.5 (38) is available for download.

This installer will update your IXUS Manager to version 3.5(42) and the IXUS Modeller to version 3.5 (19). This is a minor update but does add support for a number of new frequency bands and also adds a few new content controls for use in the EME Guide templates. Below are a few more changes worth mentioning.

  • More updates to the uncertainty model
  • Frequencyband aliases added for LTE 850, LTE 2300 and WiMAX 2300
  • New content controls for use in the Australian EME Guides
  • Default antenna owner setting
  • Workplane snapping modifications
  • Updates to Show all/Hide All and selections
  • A number of other bugfixes and improvements
For more information or installation details please contact support@emssixus.com