IXUS 3.3 released

We wish all a productive and compliant 2013!

After a year of hard work and dedication we are happy to announce the release of IXUS 3.3.  Improving IXUS in terms of usefulness, efficiency and user friendliness has helped many operators, assessors and consultants to become experts in the field of electromagnetic safety.  The quality and accuracy of the results combined with the efficiency of the management system reduces the need to consult with, or appoint highly qualified and expensive personnel.

In keeping up with the fast pace of technology IXUS now supports all the latest LTE wireless communication standards at the various frequency bands in use.  A highly requested feature was added to allow users to calculate an exclusion zone at a user specified level of the selected standard.  This allows assessors to simulate an exclusion zone at variable levels for example at 25% of the specified standard.

Custom exclusion zones

We also improved the integration between IXUS and the Online Antenna Portal making it easy to get the antennas that are not available on your database.

After marketing and investing internationally we have successfully entered the North American markets by supporting the compliance standards published by the FCC and Industry Canada Safety Code 6.  We will continue to update and improve the IXUS calculator and we hope that this is the start of many new good relationships.

Please download the latest version of IXUS Solo Modeller or evaluate the latest IXUS Manager online from our download page.