IXUS 3.0 EMF Simulation and compliance management software released

It has been a busy year for the IXUS team and we are very proud to announce the launch of IXUS 3.0.  The product has evolved over time into a more complete, comprehensive EMF compliance solution that we are all very proud of.  It’s been simplified into pluggable modules giving users the option to select only the functionality required, be it EMF simulation, RF measurement, or just data management and reporting.

It’s been extended to contain various internationally accepted EMF standards like ‘FCC (OET65)’ used in the USA, ‘BRV B11’ used in Germany, and the Canadian ‘Safety code 6’.  An uncertainty model in line with IEC 62232 was developed making it possible to adjust the confidence interval for the simulation results.  IXUS 3.0 has a new fresh look and feel that we hope breathes a bit of new life into the repetitive nature of the job.  Improvements in reporting allows both custom template reports to be added and existing report templates to be edited using Microsoft Word, making reports fully customisable.

We are looking forward to your feedback.

Full change-log follows…

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