IXUS techniques presented at BEMS 2011 Halifax

IXUS was recently represented at the 33rd annual meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society in Halifax, Canada where we presented the innovative techniques used for optimisation of ray-tracing algorithms for EMF safety assessments of base stations.

We would like to thank all those who attended the meeting, for many fruitful discussions on IXUS Software and EMF safety in general. We look forward to meeting again, if not sooner then at the next BEMS meeting.
View the abstract or have a look at our presentation if you want to know more.

IXUS Measurement Module explained

This video shows the basic functionality of the IXUS Measurement Module. Base stations are assigned to specific surveyors and measured using the Narda SRM 3006.  The Narda SRM measures GPS coordinates and records a voice message with each measurement. Afterwards it is connected to a PC and measurements are associated and uploaded to the IXUS Manager server.  On the IXUS Manager you can download a .GPX file that opens in Google Earth.  Create aerial pictures and upload them in the Manager along with photos of the base station.  Automatically generate a report using all the base station information, measurements, aerial pictures and photos.

An example of such a report can be viewed here.