IXUS Solo Modeller update (21/04/2011)

Zone ImprintA new version of IXUS EMF Simulation software, the Solo Modeller was released today and is available for download.  Access the download here to get your update.  The following list of features and improvements were implemented.

  • Multi-core calculation implemented improving calculator speed on dual and quad core machines. See the comparison in the previous post.
  • Exclusion zone imprints improved and extended to appear on ground as well as on geometry as shown in this video.
  • Signs can be added and used in the Modeller physically and as labels
  • Duplicate and move functionality now available in both the 3D view and the object tree
  • Caution lines functionality improved
  • Far-field patterns are now included for custom antennas resulting in more accurate calculations outside bounding block. (Antenna models have to be updated to see the effect)
  • Antenna label moves towards front of antenna when viewing from the top
  • An environmental slice label was added to differentiate between environmental slices
  • Default rotation axis orientation changed according to local coordinates of target objects
  • Memory hedge provided for safe out of memory situations
  • New simplified and smaller installation package
  • Many bug fixes and stability improvements