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IXUS Manager 3.7 (2) and Modeller 3.6 (9) Updates Available

We have released a new version of both the IXUS Manager 3.7.2 and the IXUS Modeller 3.6.9.


  • Bug fixes and small improvements.
  • A new setting was added to IXUS Modeller (Preferences -> Rendering options). This sliding control allows you to adjust the final font size of labels containing text on exported pictures.

Service desk:

  • We are replacing our bug and issue tracker with a Support Portal that includes a Knowledge Base.
  • IXUS online support now consists of the following three elements:
IXUS Knowledge Base IXUS Antenna portal IXUS Support Portal
The knowledge base has a variety of useful documents, articles and how-to instruction manuals to accommodate the IXUS Software suite. The antenna portal is a database of all the antenna models available to be used in IXUS. The support portal can be used to make requests directed to the IXUS Support team.

IXUS Manager 3.7 (1) and Modeller 3.6 (8) Updates Available

It’s been a while since our last release, however, we have just released a new version of both the IXUS Manager 3.7 (1) and the IXUS Modeller 3.6 (8) to get the ball rolling.

Access IXUS Solo Modeller 3.6 (8) on our Downloads page or contact for the IXUS Manager server installer.

On the business front:

We made some exciting changes to our IXUS development team in the past year. It took some time for this young team to get up to speed, however, we hope to bring you awesome new features with all the know-how of the old faces and fresh innovation of the new.

These releases include bug fixes for the most important production-inhibiting issues.

IXUS Manager 3.7 (1)

  • Fix for the antenna data import from the RFNSA. Although frequency bands are not operator-specific yet, all the import functionality is back in working order.

IXUS Modeller 3.6 (8)

  • Improvements to lobe imprint visibility when zoomed out
  • Environmental Slice labels will stay hidden on ‘show/hide’ of the object
  • Fix for incorrect font size of labels on exported pictures
  • Fix for point to point distance label arrows moving over text
  • Fix for intermittent black snapshots/pictures

We will be sending out an updated Roadmap in the near future – watch this space!